House of Stone


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bLo0Co1lz39 My 'Sorne Cherry' was popped listening to this track at a friends home. Was totally digging the energy,rhythm, message...yikes. Chills. Please and Thank You! Favorite track: Omnipotent.
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twentythree2 Amazing record. Haven't come across anything that sounds like this. Very primal. It's been my "connect with myself" music for months now. I also like the variety of sounds in each song and how they all have a different story to tell. Favorite track: Golden Death Chant.
chrs lu
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chrs lu So out of this world! Favorite track: Golden Death Chant.
Greg Johnson
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Greg Johnson Just amazing. I can’t imagine how he came up with this from just the sparse set of tools listed. Has to be heard to be believed.
marya stark
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marya stark this music is out of this world- never heard anything like it Favorite track: Golden Death Chant.
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In the last few years, Sorne has written over 80 songs using only the voice, handmade instruments and found objects. The first 13 were released in 2011 in his debut album, House of Stone, and he’s working on the rest to be released in a series of chapters, one for each of the five siblings, the star characters of the House of Stone saga: First Born. Second Son. Black Sister. Little Brother. Blue Sister.

Set in no particular time or place, the story speaks of family relationships, focusing on the death of the father and highlighting Sorne’s obsession with the Divine Mother. House of Stone grew in his mind for years, the characters initially born as direct reflections of his mother and her siblings. House of Stone evolved from childhood views of family into characters with a life of their own, each representing, in Sorne’s words, “archetypes of the human condition.”

A short film based on the story behind the album House of Stone entitled "Children of the Black Mountain" premiered at the SXSW Film Fest 2012 and can be seen at


released January 11, 2011

Art & Design by Morgan Sorne
All songs composed and performed by Morgan Sorne.
Instruments used in the making of this record include, a kazoo, an old guitar, stretched canvas for drums and beats, dog ear flaps, a hand-made bellstick, an old tamborine, a trash can, the voice, a lap harp, a hand drum, an an old log made hollow by insects.

For Kirsten.


all rights reserved



SORNE Los Angeles, California

Morgan Sorne is a multi-dimensional enigma. A prolific visual artist, musician, actor and filmmaker, boasting a five octave vocal range with perfect pitch. He brings listeners to tears with his unparalleled hypnotic angelic falsetto, and has churned crowds into a rocking frenzy with his bone-rattling dynamicism and range. ... more

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Track Name: Dead Desert
The air is sour
the light grows dimmer
the road grows harder
this life has lied to me
of all things measured pure
and of my own divinity
as time wears on
i find that I am scared
an angst inside of me
for what Ive done
for what we are
for what we cant stop
hes gone now
its ours
he deserved every cut
every cut
and now its yours
its always been yours
Track Name: Overtones
Far to the north
far to the north
over the mountains
over the plains
lives a family of five
struggling violently to survive
Im mute
Im insane
Im gay
Im godless
Im frightened
we are
the sacred and profane
lift your hands and bow to my father
he will burn your sins on the altar
what is weak? what is strong?
fuck your rights and fuck all your wrongs
ten thousand years of beating our child
hiding bruises whose pollution grows wild
sucking air feeding this dream
were down on our knees
waiting for the day when the bodies of our debt
will rise and rip you from your cross
from the smoke and the fog
of your name
the sun has come and killed the father
and nailed his god upon the altar
we are the sun and we are the father
for we will kill everything that we honor
in this house of stone
Track Name: First Born
We are the last
of our tribe
of our name
hungry wolves
westward bound
weve shed our locks of love and rage
laying bone-naked in the sun-soaked
liberty of a numb and
desperate minimum wage
I kill without question
its easier that way
cloaked in thorns
nervously gnawing
on my shame and suffering
trained to kill
what have I done?
I slit my fathers throat
with the knife that he gave to me
and the promise of his throne
what have I become?
I tried to be a man
I cover my skin
with paint and blood
and kill upon command
what have I done?
my mind is my tomb
Ive given my thone to my next of kin
as I wait here in my room
I want to evolve
Ill suffer in secret its easier that way
its easier that way
Track Name: Omnipotent
Seven highways
stretch out straight
from my pride and from my hate
seven highways stretch out across the land
going nowhere going nowhere
seven highways stretch out straight
from my house and from my name
seven highways stretch out across the land
going nowhere going nowhere going nowhere going...
I know you
filled with blood eyes of blue
I love you
come clean with me
please come true
My Jericho!
I loathe you
as your sun
I owe you
My Fatherland!
I now rule
king supreme
I have a dream
Track Name: Second Sun
And ye shall succumb
to the sleep of eternity
as the Second Sun
Ill become your chosen one
I can taste the marrow of your bones
with every breath
as I drown the sound of your death
out of my head
for I shall come and rescue our name
through vengeful grace
your world of pillars
bricks and bones will crumble
into the night
this is my time
to cleanse our land of your pagan reign
and lead us into a golden age
to resurrect and uphold the names
of honored fathers who paved the way
I cleanse us of the soot of your sin
and part the sea of the shame were in
Ill never ever give up my truth
Ill never ever give it back to you
and I have a
vivid erection
and I have a big imagination
and so I take my throne
eyes of light
all is well
Track Name: Silent Fall
Silent silent silent fall
nothing sacred exists at all
say goodbye to the mountain side
say goodbye to the lions cry
say goodbye to the trees and the breeze
of the ancient ancient ancient days
and with soot-covered crystal eyes
she leapt out upon silver skies
and I wept for my mothers fragility
fading gently with the rain
silent silent silent fall
nothing sacred exists at all
and I wish dearly to believe
that the cloth of your corpse is real
and that youll ascend from the sand
and save me from their pagan hands
oh how I want my mother this night
stripped bare and alive
silent silent silent fall
nothing sacred exists at all
Track Name: Coyote
God bless you
my blue coyote
with your lonesome drunken howl
death spared you from doom
my lovely lonely blue and broken boy
you oh you were true
and were right the night you tried to take your life
with your gun you cried
save woah woah woah!
oh oh oh oh dearest friend
the night has not gone
just yet
blue dawn is blooming as it breaks
as it grows and as it flows across the land
across our lives
and sheds its light
and if it be our lot to die then die we shall
come what may
upon desert plains of vacant loves we say
save me woah woah woah!
save me
Track Name: Ancient of Days
Came to me
in the dead of a pagan night
with tidings of a boy
in the name of a god
came in me
at the end of a pagan age
with tidings of the end
of an ancient reign
brother dear
in the spite of your angry zeal
you killed our father here
in the name of a god
godless I
see the end of the ageless days
and search our land in vain
for a hiding place
I saw you in my sleep
Ancient of Days
Beautiful like
tears of rain
and dangerous
black mountain pain
I hear your voice inside my eyes
and so I travel north to my fathers grave
to stand beside the boy with the name of a god
brother dear in the night of this pagan day
I shall defend our name
for the sake of your god
father I
hear your voice
calling me home
Track Name: Ohohoh
Silver soldier
blue and golden
growing older
growing colder
feels the landslide rolling over
baby bones and
ancient thunder
then the starlight
ate my mother
swept the landside
white with dead light
I hear the voices of the ageless
huge and faceless
dark and graceless
I am a mountain!
I am a mountain!
Im not a human
I am a mountain!
Deep in the distance
echos and phantoms
drink from my fountain
blood of blue howls and
as I grow older
I weep no longer
death is my mother
her will grows stronger
deep in the distance
songs of my fathers
whisper through my mouth
louder and louder
now I see
never was
made for you
never was
made for me
now I see
Track Name: Shaman of Snakes
I drowned myself
in the river and walked away
down silver canyon trails
to ease the pain
as I take you inside
I will make you bleed
I will sate my need
I wont let you go
I wont let you
You named me well
the shaman of snakes
your third son, Viedriel
Close your eyes
lay your head back
as I take you inside
Call me evil
Call me stupid
Think Im funny?
Go ahead, boy
I drowned myself
in the blood
of my lust
close your eyes
take your last breath
as I take you inside.
Track Name: Golden Death Chant
I wanted to scream today
but I cant keep time
and I missed my chance
to howl needlessly
at the roots and nails
of your hungry dance
I wanted to save you from
the knife you drew
to pierce his throat
Im feeling overwhelmed
by the sacred signs
that adorn my hands
lupine blue light
rain on me
golden death chant
set me free
oh my star
when will your laughter shed its light
on the broken grounds
of this blue and broken night
can you hear the mantra
of a thousand voices of steel
humming as one
as the prophets had forseen
golden death chant set me free
white skin
eyes closed
with a silent smile
and a golden pledge
to that which never runs
rolling thunder
here we go
golden death chant set me free
Track Name: House of Stone
I wont ask for this
I wont ask you for this
I wish I could wash your feet
and heal you
you are my golden star
how great you are
my sacred heart
how beautiful you are
great unstable house of stone
youre all I know
you are
my golden star
how great you are
my sacred heart
how beautiful you are
I wont ask for this
I wont ask you to leave behind your dreams
for the sake of peace
you are my House of Stone
I cling to you
please dont let go
youre all I know
great unstable house of stone
youre all I know
you are
my golden star
how great you are
my sacred heart
how beautiful you are
Track Name: Gigantomachia
I am here now
so listen for the last time
listen to my voice
as I call your name
the road is getting darker up ahead
the water is getting higher
I reach out for your hand now
to lead you through the murk
dont lose your smile
and hold me
for we are the sun and we are the one
we are the one we are the one we are the one we are the one
no one ever tells me no
no one ever...
youre so dear to me
I cant go with you
get out while you can
Ill be here watching over you
you were the light for me
you taught me how to speak
when Im gone
sing your song for me
guilded golden chant of death
crown of thorns upon my head
I am First Born
Son and King
and heir to Fathers
reign supreme
and I will fight for you
and I will fight
I will die for you
I will give my life for you
oh my god
oh cruel world goodbye
oh my love goodbye
oh my child goodbye